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Tala Ramadan 28 Aug 2020

UNESCO Launches “Li Beirut” Fund To Rebuild Damaged Heritage Sites

The Beirut blast claimed hundreds of lives and left thousands injured along with inflicting severe damages to Beirut’s most historic neighbourhood, major museums, galleries, and religious sites.

UNESCO has launched an international fundraising appeal “Li Beirut” to support the rehabilitation of schools, historic buildings, museums, galleries and the creative economy that suffered extensive damages after the catastrophic explosion.

In kicking off the ‘Li Beirut’ initiative, UNESCO’s Director-General Audrey Azoulay, appealed for the city’s historic centre be protected “to prevent property speculation and transactions taking advantage of residents’ distress and vulnerability”.

The latest assessment done by the UN shows that 160 schools, 8,000 buildings, 640 historic buildings are damaged and 300 million dollars are needed to rebuild these cultural and heritage spots.