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William Daou 10 Sep 2020

Hardee’s Permanently Shuts Down In Lebanon

Another international franchise bites the dust.

American fast food chain Hardee’s has permanently shut down all branches in Lebanon after downsizing a few years back.

We reached out to the restaurant and got confirmation that they are no longer operational in Lebanon, neither for dine-in nor delivery.

Hardee’s was previously settled in different areas including Bliss Street, Raouche, Verdun, Bhamdoun, Jounieh, Khaldeh, Tripoli, and Zalka. Over the years, the franchise grew its very own loyal fan base in a competitive fast food market.

Today, it is bidding farewell to Lebanon and letting go of its employees amid one of the worst economic crises to hit the country, adding to the unemployment rate.

Hardee’s is not the first international company to struggle with Lebanon’s ongoing dollar crisis. Before it, companies like Coca Cola have shut down, while others like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts resorted to increasing their prices.

Good bye Hardee’s, your juicy burgers and curly fries will be missed!