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Mia Arawi 15 Sep 2020

Lebanese Soldier And Terrorist Who Killed Him Were School Classmates

A gut-wrenching twist to an already heartbreaking story.

One day after four Lebanese soldiers were killed during a raid in North Lebanon, a photo has resurfaced on social media that added an even more heartbreaking detail to this story.

The picture is a class photo dating back to 1999, and it shows the victim Louay Melhem standing beside his murderer and alleged terrorist Khaled Al-Tallawi.

It was Khaled who fired at the soldiers during the raid, killing three of them right away and injuring a fourth, who later passed away. Khaled was also later killed after being chased down by Lebanese Army forces.

Louay and Khaled had been classmates at Al Fajer School in Baddawi, Tripoli. In an interview with a third colleague, Annahar learned that the pair were friends throughout early school years, and while Louay settled back down in Baddawi after enrolling in the army and got married one month ago, Khaled went MIA but his Facebook had been reflective of his extremism.

Our condolences to the families of the soldiers. May their souls rest in peace.