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Fatima Al Mahmoud 18 Sep 2020

Home Sweet Home: A Beautiful Escape In The Heart Of Brummana

Beloved Mar Mikhael gem Home Sweet Home has moved onto a new location for the summer, so if you haven’t visited them yet, you’re missing out!

Located in the heart of Brummana, Home Sweet Home on the Farm is the ultimate outdoor destination for an escape from the chaos. It overlooks the most stunning views and boasts a much cooler weather than the sweltering heat of the city.

Taking along their beautiful homey interior and delectable menu, their new setting is absolutely gorgeous.

Unique, colorful, and laid-back, they’ve made for the perfect spot for anyone looking to spend some downtime. And the food? Just as good as we remember it!

Home Sweet Home has made a name for itself with its wholesome and delicious dishes, desserts, and drinks. While their Mar Mikhael branch is still closed for now, you can still sample their mouthwatering creations at their summer setup.

See you there!