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William Daou 19 Nov 2020

Here’s Where You Can Find Hanna Mitri’s New Ice Cream Shop

One of Beirut’s oldest and most adored ice cream parlors in the country, Bouzet Hanna Mitri now has a new home in Achrafieh.

Most of us know and love the modest shop that previously housed the iconic dessert place on Mar Mitr Street – it had been there since 1949. We are well acquainted with the lines that used to go right around the block filled with eager people waiting to get a taste of some fantastic ice cream.

After the horrific August 4th explosion, the shop was unfortunately extremely damaged. Despite the fact that the building had withstood the 15 year civil war, it partially collapsed after August 4th.

Mitri and his mother were both at the shop at the time of the explosion, they miraculously survived. Hanna Mitri has thankfully chosen to come back even bigger and better at a brand new location on Al Saydeh Church Street in Achrafieh. It is diagonal to Bank of Beirut, right past P’tit Creux.

We cannot begin to tell you how good the almond croquant ice cream is! Other than that, literally every flavor of ice cream (made with only the freshest natural ingredients) is to die for. Whether you opt for the creamy dark chocolate, the fresh strawberry, the flavorsome vanilla, or the refreshing rose water – you’re bound to be hooked.

You can find the exact location on Google Maps.