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Beirut.com 04 Dec 2020

10 Winter Spots Perfect For A Magical Getaway

When we think of a winter getaway we immediately visualize snow-covered tops and warmly-lit fireplaces. Luckily, Lebanon is home to a number of destinations that combine these aspects and more, making for the perfect winter getaway. Check them out.

1. Beit Alia

This fairytale cabin is tucked away in the green forests of Tannourine, where it holds together all components of a perfect staycation. Scenic views, a rustic interior, and a relaxed ambiance that will push your worries away.

2. La Maison de la Foret

Escape the chaos and head to the charming village of Bkassine for some much-needed downtime. There, nestled in the heart of the lush pine forests and enfolded by all the stunning greenery, a gorgeous wooden cabin awaits.

3. Via Mina Hotel

‘Home, away from Home’, Via Mina is a boutique hotel that remarkably combines the old with the new in order to provide a comforting yet charming ambience. It echoes the right state of mind for a much-needed escape from daily stress.

4. Beit Mira

Nestled between the pristine hills of Lehfed, Beit Mira is an exclusive hideout spot with a very festive spirit. The cabin is perfect for anyone looking to spend some time in the outdoors, surrounded by splendid views and gorgeous scenery. With a unique setup, this wonderful spot is perfect for events and getaways.

5. Arsoun Village Park

Nestled in the heart of Arsoun, Arsoun Village Park is home to wonderful and secluded wooden cabins that make for an ideal escape. Everywhere you look, beauty prevails. From the magnificent forests to the clear blue skies and more, this place is magic on earth.

6. Beyt El Jabal

True to its name, Beyt El Jabal is a gorgeous, traditional mountain house in the heart of Deir El Qamar. Serving as a guesthouse and restaurant, the beautiful location boasts a stunning rustic interior and overlooks the most stunning views. Spacious and homey, Beyt El Jabal is the mountain home we all dreamed of growing up.

7. Uzit Cabin

This stunning getaway cabin is suitable for families, friends, and couples. Uzit is situated in the lush forests of Ehden, making for the perfect morning view with that first sip of coffee. The getaway also offers a number of activities like hiking tours and ATV rentals which you could hop on for a chance to discover your surroundings.

8. Meghrak

Escape into the depth of the woods where a beautiful winter home awaits. It’s located in Meghrak, a town in Batroun district that gets submerged with water every winter, thus the name. The home is open to groups who would like to retreat into nature and spend the night away from the chaos.

9. Blue Jay Valley

Located in the heart of Azour-Jezzine, Blue Jay Valley is everything you’ll need for an energizing getaway from the city. The unique bed and breakfast is surrounded by Jezzine’s infamous pine and oak trees, providing a secluded ambiance. The resort offers the ultimate glamping (glamorous camping) experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing modern comforts.

10. The Dome

The most unique getaway spot yet, The Dome offers the chance for you to stay in a dome in the mountain tops of Kfardebian. From your beautiful home for the night, you’ll be able to watch the skies, stars, and snowfall all at once. Each dome comes with a private jacuzzi as well for ultimate relaxation.