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Beirut.com 08 Jan 2021

12 Ways Lebanese People Deal With COVID-19

As COVID-19 became a part of our lives, we were exposed to the many ways people deal with it. Here are a few ways we’ve seen Lebanese people deal with this pandemic!

1. The people who have found their calling as antisocial beings, and are secretly hoping they never have to return to society.

2. The person who tries to catch it so they can resume their “normal life”.

3. The one who has been exposed 30 times but still doesnt catch it


4. The one who takes off their mask when they want to talk to someone


5. Even worse, the one who takes off their mask to cough/sneeze.

6. The one who is secretly proud they got it, and is sharing their journey on Instagram

You’re lucky you’re not dead.

7. The one who legit thinks it’s a hoax

Then why don’t you drop by Rafic Hariri Hospital?

8. The one who is always sure they caught it

Even if their symptoms don’t line up, and they haven’t left the house in months.

9. The one who thinks that fake Facebook remedies work.

*Cough* Our moms. *Cough*

10. The dramatic one who says they can’t breathe with a mask on.

Way to tell us you’ve ever had a woman sit on your face.

11. The one who proudly announces their refusal to get vaccinated.

Like Elissa, Carole Samaha, and Haifa!

12. The one who wears the mask UNDER their nose thinking it’ll protect them