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Sam Shalhoub 08 Jan 2021

Carla’s Cheese And Charcuterie Boards: A Must-Try In Lebanon

With the global pandemic swirling, our national economic collapse, a murderous port explosion, and the usual regional warfare looming, it is safe to say that “destroying things is much easier than making them” – Suzanne Collins.

But in good faith, we love introducing you to some locals who defy all odds so, meet Carla: the typical not-so-typical Lebanese lead in our local version of the Hunger Games – a new reality brought on by our political not so elites. After investing in and launching her marketing start-up “Agent C” which specializes in providing sales expertise to various local businesses in Lebanon, Carla managed to add a little pizzazz to the Lebanese scene with her unbeatable charcuterie and cheese boards. Now there’s a profile we can all applaud and get behind.

Le Plateau by Carla offers up fresh, tailor-made boards that are sure to wow your guests (or sustain you while you snack on an entire board by yourself). Given the cost associated with cold cuts and assorted cheese, the abhorrent commercial exploitation by distributors and the health risks and ministerial violations, it’s worth shopping around for more trusted and affordable hands.

Did we mention they can be customized to suit any budget or tastes?

All in all, we defer on the quality of self-promotion and self-marketing so check it out for yourself at @LEPLATEAUBYCARLA or @theagentccompany. But to Carla and each and every one of our local Lebanese fighters out there, it really is the hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor.