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Sarah Harb 21 Jan 2021

Types Of Lebanese Exes

1. The Crazy One

Ah yes, the psychotic one. We all have that one ex, you can love them or hate them, but you’ll never get rid of them.

2. The Drunk Texter

They only remember you when they’re 4 shots in and shitfaced. You spend hours trying to decode through the many typos of “T@ke mr bakc”

3. The Stalker

They’re everywhere. Real life AND on your socials. They know who you’re with and where you’re going.

4. The Boomerang

No matter what, you keep finding yourself going back to them. You know you’re not supposed to, but you can’t help it. They’re your comfort zone.

5. The Masla7jeh/jiye

These are the ones who always call you when they need something, whether a ride back home or a contact they need.

6. The One That Got Away

The one you actually loved, but they either dumped you or it just wasn’t the right time.

7. The Booty Call

Better known as the F-Buddy or FWB, this ex is usually your back up when you’re lonely or need a ‘good night’s sleep’.

8. The One You Don’t Claim

You made your friends swear not to tell a soul. This is the ex you hide your face from in public, or cringe whenever someone brings up their name. You’re pretty sure you were drunk throughout the whole relationship.

9. The One You’re Proud Of

This is the ex you show off to everyone because you don’t even know how you scored with them.

10. The Toxic One

Similar to the crazy one, this one shows up in all our business. Starting a new relationship? BAM! They’ve wormed their way into it.

11. The Backup

This is your Plan B if you find yourself single for a while and want to rekindle an old flame.

12. The Ghost

Are they dead? Are they still alive? You may never know, cause this ex blocks you almost everywhere, including anghami.

13. The Regretful

“I’m Sorry” is the only thing in their vocabulary. They realized they messed up, and they’re willing to tell you exactly what you want to hear in order to take them back.

14. The Avoidable

This is the one you can barely talk about without tearing up. You’ve steered clear of all the old bars and restaurants that you spent all your time in.

15. The Friend

Alas, the one you stay friends with. Mostly considered a myth, these exes do exist, and are usually a product of a mutual breakup.