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Marianne Hassoun 21 Jan 2021

The COVID-19 Vaccine Will Not Be Limited To The Lebanese

Head of the Parliamentary Health Committee Dr. Assem Araji has announced details concerning the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine to Lebanon.

After racist hashtags began to trend on Twitter on Monday, Dr. Araji countered by stating that the vaccine will not be limited to Lebanese nationals, rather it will cover all those residing in the country.

The Health Committee plans to obtain 6 million doses of the vaccine to vaccinate 3 million people. The doses will not arrive in one go, rather in weekly batches.

Most importantly, Dr Araji stated that healthcare workers would be prioritized and will receive the vaccine first, followed by the elderly. This is after many have expressed outrage at rumors circulating that parliament members and ministers would be vaccinated before anyone. The Ministry of Health is working on a platform that will register the names of people who will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

The vaccine is anticipated to help us “gain community immunity and control the epidemic” as Araji said.