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Beirut.com 04 Feb 2021

Publisher And Activist Lokman Slim Found Shot In South Lebanon

Lebanese publisher and activist Lokman Slim was found dead in his car this morning, after reportedly being shot in the head.

Slim was in the Nabatieh area of the South of Lebanon, with his family reporting a loss of contact with him yesterday.

Slim’s publishing house, Dar Al Jadeed, has been dedicated to publishing Arabic literature and controversial content for three decades.

He was a staunch critic of sectarianism in Lebanon, calling it a prison in which we live. His project Hayya Bina aimed to inform citizens and help them become more engrossed in the political process.

As news of his killing broke, Twitter reacted with a range of anger and sadness:

May his soul rest in peace. Our deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.