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Taleen El Gharib 05 Feb 2021

Red Heart Project: Tributes To August 4 Blast Victims Around The World

It has been six months since the tragic Beirut blast that rocked the capital and killed hundreds. Six months and no accountability nor answers.

While families of the blast victims took to the streets to honor their lost loved ones, Lebanese diaspora wanted to remind the world of the great losses that the negligence of the Lebanese government caused.

The Red Heart Project brought together groups of activists from all over the world to honor the souls of those lost by placing 204 red hearts with the names of all the blast victims.

The project reached Paris, Washington, Ohio, California, Michigan, and New York. It is calling for accountability and aims to remind the world that the promised investigations have not yet occurred, six months later.

But unlike the Lebanese government’s empty promises, our promise for justice will be kept.