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Labib Mansour 19 Feb 2021

5 Delicious Burgers To Try In Beirut

We all need some comfort food after the week we just had! Here are five incredible burgers to try.

1. Swiss Mushroom Burger from The Bros

A delectable must-try from this iconic Mar Mikhael spot. This cheesy, flavorsome burger is more than satisfying. Pair with some of their crispy French fries and an order of wings for maximum pleasure.

2. Angus beef burger from East Village

The pillow-y bun, the juicy patty, the amazing cheese…it’s all perfect. Be sure to order a side of truffle fries!

3. Signature burger from Chicks A Lot

The crunch on this fried chicken burger will give you the shivers. Covered in a blanket of cheese and a couple of crunchy pickles, this is a must-try.

4. Iron Classic from Iron Burger

With grilled onions, bacon, and of course some cheese! This new Beirut spot is delivering some fantastic burgers.

5. Hot Chick Burger from Hot Chicks

The juiciest breaded chicken sandwiched between two fresh buns, with their signature tangy coleslaw and crunchy pickles.