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Labib Mansour 07 Apr 2021

The Fattoush Index: A New Measure Of Inflation

You’ve possibly heard of the Big Mac index which provides insight into local economic purchasing powers, but have you ever heard of the Fattoush Index?

The Fattoush Index is the approximate cost associated with making a bowl of fattoush for a family of five. As inflation has soared over the past couple of years, so have prices of goods in Lebanon, with foodstuffs witnessing an average of 400% increase in pricing from last year.

Via The Crisis Observatory at AUB

Last Ramadan, the costs associated with making one bowl of fattoush for a family of five was 6,000 LL. Unfortunately this upcoming Ramadan, The Crisis Observatory at AUB has noted that same dish is set to carry the hefty cost of 18,500 LL — marking a 210% increase from last year. This comes out to a staggering 555,000 LL for 30 days of fattoush, at a time when minimum wage stands at a meager 675,000 LL per month.