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Beirut.com 09 May 2021

12 Signs You’re The Mom Of Your Friend Group

We’ve brought you 15 Signs You’re The Teta Of Your Friend Group, now here’s the mom version.

1. You always carry an tiny emergency bag

“Hadan 3ando pandol?”
“Eh ana, aande kamen Advil, shoo bet fadil?”

2. You always make sure things are going according to plan

W eza la2, bet 3asbo.

3. You make sure THERE IS A PLAN IN PLACE

Because you can’t do spontaneous things.

4. 3. Your friends refer to you as “mom.”

Every friend group needs a mama.

5. You make excuses because you need to clean and organize

And your friends always question your friendship after that.

6. You’re the designated driver

Bas bi koon fi shereb *Mom mode activated*

7. Bas taamle mashrou3 3al se3a 4 PM

La2an bed time 3al se3a 10.

8. You reassure everyone when there’s a crisis going on

“Rou2o rou2o”

9. You encourage smart-decision making

“Fakro shway, mesh mazboot eza aamelna hek”

10. You’re ALWAYS on time

W byetse2alo ref2atik kif ente bteje aal wa2et…

11. You’re the therapist of the group

12. And of course, you can’t stand when there’s too much noise

You’re bound to get cranky at a club.