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Beirut.com 04 May 2021

24 Ways Lebanese Guys Impress Their Crush

We’ve all had our go-to way to impress our crush, but this is where Lebanese guys get REALLY creative.

1. Tries so hard to show off their connections

“Broooo, sette bte2rab jiran Saad El Harriri, ye3ne tkheyale”

2. Tries to make you laugh ma3 abyakh nekte

My dad wouldn’t even laugh at this joke.

3. Flexes on the amount of times he hits the gym

“Enno eh rawa2, bdalne shi 2-3 se3at aam baamel abs w legs w hek”

4. He hits you with the “3ande wasta”

“Ma te3tal ham, bayye aando wasta ktir awiye”

5. Tries to talk about his favorite music genres

Mesh eno they tried to get more than 80% match with you on Anghami ON PURPOSE…

6. Talks to you about his job w kif “3am ye2bad dollar”

7. And at this point they flex about how they got vaccinated

“Enno eh rehet aa Dubai w akhadet Pfizer”

8.Tries to talk to you about other people he wants to hit on

Just to make you jealous but that’s just idiotic.

9.Tries to show that he’s “woke”

Bas saraha, iza sakatet bi koon ahsan.

10. Brings up their obsessive ex

“Saret majnoone ad ma maghroome fiye bas khalas battal fiye ethammala”

11. Bye3zmik 3al chalet b Faraya

12. Tells you to call him eza twa2afte 3a hajez

Knight in shining armour 3refto keef?

13. Tells you about the girl that broke his heart bas ken 14 w keef t3a22ad men wa2ta

Alexa, play these hoes ain’t loyal.

14. B rabhik jmeele eno he answers your texts more than his friends

Okay bas meen talab mennak.

15. Tells you about his trust issues

Nehna therapists la2an.

16. Brags about being open-minded

“Aslan 3ende ktir friends gay”

17. Sends you cute stickers to show you his “soft side”

Omg he has emotions?

18. Gets super protective about you in the creepiest way

“Eza hada b talle3 fike bsheel 3yoono”

19. Insists he’s immune to COVID

“Wlek ana l corona betkhaf menne”

20. Tells you to punch him in the chest cos “ma b hes b shi”

No thanks.

21. Offers to fix all your home appliances

“Oole la emmik ana beje bsallehla l ghassele”

22. Texts you “yo2borneee” when you upload a selfie

23. Makes fun of how much shorter you are

“Shu ennik zaghtoora fiye ehmlik b eed wehde”

24. B ool eno bas ma b seb eddemik

Eh kol khara.