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Beirut.com 07 May 2021

17 Wonderful Things To Do Around Lebanon This Weekend

Wondering where to go to this weekend?

Don’t worry, here a list of 17 wonderful things that you can do around Lebanon.

1. Visit the stunning new museum in Batroun

Musee Henry is a gorgeous three story traditional home turned museum that will take your breath away. Take an appointment by sending a WhatsApp message to 03753654. Entrance is 30,000 LL.

2. Have yourself a feast at Beirut’s newest Italian spot, La Villa 1920

With a stunning outdoor terrace and gorgeous interiors, this spot has fantastic ambiance that is perfect for a date night.

3. Munch on delectable churros from this spot in Tripoli

These golden bites will satisfy your sweet tooth!

4. Visit Monot’s adorable bookshop, Snoubar Bayrout,

The cutest bookshop for anyone looking to find their next favorite read.

5. Visit Cafe Younes’ newest and most quaint location

Located in Hamra, this beautiful gem is the right place to catch up on your studying since its final season!

6. Eat Tacos and dance the night away at Dead End Paradise

Tucked away in the space previously inhabited by Taqueria del Jefe, serving “Asian Middle Eastern Tiki Dive” That May Not Exist Tomorrow.

7. Escape the city and head over to Cabo Beach Resort

The crystal clear waters are to die for at this gorgeous resort in Jiyyeh!

8. Or check out one of these free beaches

9. Don’t forget to take your furry friend to one of these pet-friendly places

10. Catch a jaw dropping sunset at Titans

11. Indulge in a seafood spread at Nasmet Ghinwa

12. Discover the magical “Fizr” of Kfar Matta

13. Or maybe take a photo with Water Buffalos in Ammiq Wetland

14. Enjoy a Saroukh Man’oushe from this spot in Batroun

Delectable flavors of Man’oushe!

15. Catch up with a friend over tea at Blue House Tea Garden

16. Discover The Magical Village Of Baadaran

17. Visit Achrafieh’s coolest outdoor art cafe, Sole Insight

For our old souls out there who enjoy delicious food and drink with a side of artistic flare.