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Mia Arawi 07 May 2021

10 Magical Ideas For Date Night In Lebanon

Upgrade your date nights with this guide the next time you want to take that special someone out on a very romantic evening.

1. Take a trip down to Batroun’s old souk and have a romantic evening at Mariolino

This beautiful restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for a spot that could offer delicious food in a magical ambiance.

2. And while you’re in the area, visit Batroun’s newest museum, Musee Henry

A beautiful cultural spot that will take their breath away!

3. Head down to the St Nicolas Stairs and grab a glass of wine at Bavaglino

Bruschetta, a bowl of pasta, and a glass of wine makes for the perfect date!

4. Get a little adventurous and take them Glamping!

Plan a fun glamping (glamorous camping) trip to Blue Jay Valley where you’ll get a camping experience without sacrificing modern comforts!

5. Visit Gemmayzeh’s newest spot, Terre

The stunning tables and perfectly crafted cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to their mouthwatering menu. A guaranteed second date!

6. Fancy it up and visit La Villa 1920, in Badaro

The newest Italian spot that serves mouth-watering and exquisite truffle pizza.

7. Or if you’re more on the casual side, head to Salud

Who doesn’t love guacamole and margaritas?

11. Go to Caves de Taillevent, a magnificent wine bar

With up to 1,600 wine references and an intimate wine bar to boot, Les Caves de Taillevent is the ideal place to sip wine, gaze into your lover’s eyes, then chug a glass while they’re not looking.

9. Book a spectacular getaway at Odom

Kfardebians stunning domes make for a memorable night out.

10. Why not explore Lebanon’s Old Souks as well?

Nothing like a little adventure to reignite the romance.