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Mia Arawi 12 May 2021

L’Os Jezzine: A Stunning Green Escape In South Lebanon

Fresh air, a gorgeous view, and delectable traditional Lebanese cuisine await at Jezzine’s newest summer escapade and one of our favorite family restaurants.

That’s right, the one and only L’Os branched out from its home in Ain Saadeh last year and landed in the scenic town of Jezzine, giving you all the more reasons to visit.

You’ll get the chance to revel in Jezzine’s most magical views while indulging in a mouthwatering feast of all your favorite mezza at this wonderful new L’Os branch, a refreshing experience that will certainly keep you coming back for more. We’re talking kasbeh, kebbe, sawda, and ALL of our other favorites served up with a stunning backdrop.

Even your afternoon coffee has a completely magical feel at this exemplary spot when paired with such a divine view. So head up there and enjoy some family quality time away from the city!

Think of spacious settings, crisp white walls and arch windows, fountains and gardens! Perfect for a lunch with friends, or big gatherings from birthdays to weddings.

To end it on a sweet note, enjoy some delicious ice cream or classic halaweh and biscuits!

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