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Beirut.com 02 Jun 2021

15 Things That Will Happen Before We Have A Government

You know, sometimes playing the waiting game really makes you wonder what you can do in the meantime before anything actually happens. Here are some things that will definitely happen before they decide to form a government.

1. One of Leila Abdel Latif’s predictions will come true

Btetzakkaro ahla sayfiye b lebnen? Yeah…

2. Pierre Rabbat will actually host a funny show

Maybe TOO farfetched, but you never know.

3. Mia Khalifa will be allowed back in Lebanon

We wish.

4. Ha ykhallo Gebran Bassil yeshteghel

Actually, we hope that day never comes.

5. Elie Ferzli will sign up for anger management classes

We will miss the on-air temper tantrums.

6. We’ll have a new Miss Lebanon

Maya Reaidy will probably reign forever.

7. Lebanese moms will stop freaking out when they hear 3 Daqat at weddings

Watching them stampede to the dance floor when this song comes on – iconic AND traumatising.

8. We’ll finally know who tf Yuri Mrakadi is

Let us know if you do…

9. Lebanon will land on Mars after the UAE

Check out What Lebanese Politicians Would Do If They Made It To Mars.

10. Lebanese guys will stop using the cringiest pick-up lines

“Sheyfik men abel”

“Badde es2alik so2al”

“Bteshbahe wehde ba3refa”

Oldest ones in the book.

11. Your teta will stop telling you “nes7ane/da3fane” when you visit her

That would be an absolute dream.

12. Your parents will ACTUALLY admit they’re wrong

Check out 15 Ways Your Lebanese Parents Admit They’re Wrong.

13. We’ll find Panadol in pharmacies again

We forgot what the package looks like…

14. Sleeping beauty will make more lively appearances

If you know, you know.

15. Lebanese people will stop turning everything into a joke

Never gonna happen.