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Tanya Maalouf 17 May 2023

MUL Beach: The Newest Seaside Spot In Lebanon!

Cover images retrieved from foody_boss on Instagram.

Summer lovers scour the country every season for a new spot to tickle their fancy, and luckily, a new seaside experience just made an appearance in Damour.

MUL Beach has just landed on the coast of Damour, serving as a small sanctuary that is outside of (but not too far) from the city. 

At this new seaside spot, the colorful plants and palm trees will put you in the summer vacation mood. You’ll find comfy poolside couches for you to lounge on, all while enjoying a marvelous panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

The pool hovers over the shore, so the sound of crashing waves will accompany you whether you’re lounging about or taking a dip. Topped off with palm trees and colorful plants, a visit to this new seaside spot will make you forget your worries for a few hours.

When the sun begins to set, their nighttime set up will impress any party-loving group of friends. After a day of relaxation, it’s time to switch it up with a live performance against the backdrop of orange skies. Refreshing cocktails, a summer breeze, and the sound of the waves—the only things you’ll need to perfect your summer.

Their summer seasonal pass costs $250, allowing you entry from May until September. For more information, call +961 70 696 555.

Note: this spot is strictly 24+.

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