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Elise Daoud 17 May 2023

5 Educational (And Fun!) Spots For Kids In Lebanon

Want to take your kids out on an educational and fun playdate? School is almost out, so they’ll need something to keep them busy. Here are 5 educational and fun spots for kids around Lebanon!

1. Geek Express, Downtown

An online coding school equipped with certified trainers and a passion for learning. Geek Express aims to transform your little ones into creative thinkers with fun and interactive workshops. While they primarily offer online classes, they also host in-person workshops and bootcamps. A wonderful opportunity for them to learn and make friends!

2. Smart Learning Academy, Aley

Smart Learning Academy is dedicated to building a brighter future through seasonal fests, camps, and educational services. If your kid loves being active, then they will love to engage in the physical education this academy offers.

3. BBus, all around Lebanon

The wheels on the bus go around Lebanon, providing children and parents psycho-social support in the most fun way possible. Offering a custom-written curriculum, this adventure includes awareness sessions, art therapy, and storytelling! Take your kids on an educational journey that will make learning a lot more fun.

4. Cheeky Monkeys, Verdun

This award-winning edutainment spot is for the bundles of energy who love learning through fun activities. Hosting birthdays, special events, and summer camps, Cheeky Monkey will be the place your kids will visit again and again. Everything from kids’ yoga to arts and crafts to interactive activities, this spot is the perfect learning environment.

5. Boustan Salma, Tripoli

Do your kids love the outdoors? Boustan Salma will give them the most fun farming experience in Lebanon. This organic farm offers activities in nature! This includes planting, feeding farm animals, egg hunting, soap making, and much more.

6. WonderEd Hub, Monot

Through play and storytelling, this educational hub creates programs and tools that will teach your kids the 123s of coding. Your kids will learn a variety of soft skills, developing problem solving and critical thinking skills with a smile.

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