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Tanya Maalouf 02 Jul 2021

4 Places To Have Lunch For Under 30,000 In Beirut

It’s kinda tough to find pocket-friendly places around Beirut these days, but here are 4 places to keep in mind for an affordable quick bite!

1. Cracker’s Snack And Grill

Delectable burgers, appetizing sandwiches, and a variety of savoury platters you can enjoy at Cracker’s! We recommend their Magic Burger, but everything is made with love.

2. Kaake Square

Everyone’s favourite Kaake spot, with fresh ingredients and cheesy fillings. There’s nothing better than a good old Kaake, and this place will guarantee you a one of a kind experience.

3. Sandwich w Noss

The place everyone loves, especially when you’re running errands and need to swing by for a bite. They offer affordable combos that you can choose from, so don’t miss out!

4. Doudou Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for some Chinese food, you can drop by this delicious spot for when you’re craving some dumplings and a generous serving of noodles!