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Beirut.com 27 Aug 2021

New Low: Cancer Patients Protest Lack Of Treatment Due To Corruption

After the horrifying videos of warehouse after warehouse filled with various drugs and treatments that have been stockpiled for months comes the harrowing story of the people on the other side. Cancer patients awaiting life-saving treatments, going from pharmacy to pharmacy and hospital to hospital, clinging to an iota of hope.

Yesterday, cancer patients in Lebanon staged a protest demanding immediate access to treatments and medications that have been out of reach for months now. These life-saving treatments have presumably been stockpiled and hoarded by various medicine importers, or have become unavailable due to the financial crisis.

As these people fight for their lives and right to access to treatment, they must also fight the corrupt state that has been negligent and paid no mind to ensure continuity of their treatment. The worsening situation is only giving rise to new lows, week after week.

The state, whether actively or passively, continues to murder the people.