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Sam Shalhoub 06 Sep 2021

Wiam Wahhab Shamelessly Celebrates Son’s Lavish Wedding

While the rest of the country wallows in crisis after crisis, Wiam Wahhab and his entourage were busy shamelessly celebrating his son’s wedding this weekend. Wahhab entertained over 4,000 guests at an extremely extravagant wedding, at a time when many families fall beneath the poverty line as a direct result of the political class’ corruption.

In a speech to the invitees, Wahhab said: “I know I will face harsh criticism, but I don’t really care. In such circumstances, maybe we should not have celebrated, but this is my son and I never imagined that I would attend his wedding.”

The irony here is that Wiam Wahhab is the same guy who criticized the ISF’s Director-General Imad Othman for celebrating his son’s grand wedding and spending over 5 million dollars on the ordeal at the time, calling out Othman’s corruption.

With 74% of the Lebanese population under the poverty line, the political class remains business as usual.