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Marianne Hassoun 17 Sep 2021

8 Wholesome Things That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

Just 8 really great things that you need right now.

1. This adorable photo of our office dog, Phoebe

If you can’t get enough, make sure to check out 18 Adorable Photos Of Lebanese Pets To Cleanse Your Timeline.

2. This fun and bright podcast, Dadtime Stories.

Alaa Kabalan and his wonderful four-year-old daughter Mira have a very special bedtime routine that involves telling stories together.

3. This wonderful Anti-Racism Movement

Their goal is to fight racial discrimination and segregation on social and institutional levels. You could also check out our podcast with ARM here.

4. You can also visit this beautiful minerals museum

If you’re looking for a very educational date, the MIM Museums could be one hell of a field trip.

5. This Lebanese teta modeling for her granddaughter’s small business

You can shop these cute items on their Instagram, or get in touch with them on +961 71 919 349.

6. This adorable new concept that’s serving coffee, on a bike

Offering nothing but smiles and deliciously made beverages, this wholesome concept will definitely make you come back for more. Check out this video for more details:

7. This public bus that’s make life 10x easier.

Hadeer is bringing you an alternative transportation method that is proving to be more efficient, accessible, and very comfortable.

8. This hilarious video of our politicians getting roasted.

There is nothing that has been quite as satisfying as watching our horrible politicians get shamed and roasted in public.