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William Daou 17 Sep 2021

Embrace Autumn With These 7 Hiking Trails Around Lebanon

Here are a few hiking spots and trails to experience while the weather is crisp and clear.

1. Balou3 Bal3a to Douma

Make your way from the picturesque natural area of the Bal3a sinkhole all the way down to the magical village of Douma. Don’t forget to stop by the historical St. John Baptist Monastery. The beginning of the hike is challenging, but the downhill path to Douma balances it out.

Distance: 10 KM
Time: ~ 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

2. Explore Jabal Moussa Biosphere

There are several different trails in this amazing nature reserve. You can sign up with a guide so they can introduce you to all the fun historical and environmental facts along the way!

Distance: Varies depending on trail
Time: Randing between 2 hours and 4 hours
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Difficult trails available

3. Hike through Wadi Qannoubine

Throughout the valley you’ll come across many natural caves as well as chapels and monasteries carved right into rock. Your should begin your trail at the top of Haouqa village and make your way down the valley, all the way to St. Marina convent.

Time: ~2 hours
Difficulty: Easy

4. Hike Laqlouq – Ehmej

Start your hike from the peaks of the Laqlouq mountains and head to the natural hanging bridge at Ouyoun el Nekhaa. Make your way through El Ouata through the beautiful apple orchards. With so many magical cliffs, valleys, and forests, the village of Ehmej will captivate you.

Distance: 12 KM

Time: ~3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

5. Discover Deir Mimas

Start your journey in the village and make your way through the forests in order to visit the Deir Mimmas. This magical town overlooks the Litani River and the medieval Beaufort Castle so you’ll be treated to many historical sights.

Distance: 6 KM
Difficulty: Moderate

6. Hike from Smar Jbeil to Jrabta

Start in the town, visit the Phoenician era citadel, make your way down through Ghouma and find the trail to St Rafqa in Jrabta.

Distance: 6 KM
Difficulty: Moderate

7. Hike through Bkassine and Upper Jezzine

Start at the Maabour Jezzine’s main gate and head to waterfall. Walk through pine forest of Bkassine and take in the scenes and scents.

Distance: 7 KM
Time: ~2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

If you’d like to enjoy a guided hike, you can contact one of the following adventure groups: Dale Corazon, Vamos Todos, Footprints Nature Club.