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Mia Arawi 20 Sep 2021

10 Autumn Date Ideas With Your Boo

Autumn weather = perfect weather. Not only will you be enjoying some cool air after a sweltering summer, but you’ll also be cuddling up with your boo and going on some romantic autumn dates!

Here are 10 fun date ideas.

1. Visit the abandoned silk factory and marvel at nature in Kfar Matta

The abandoned silk factory, one of the oldest and largest in Lebanon, has been shut down for quite a long time – but its beauty is not to be missed! Walk around and snap some pics.

2. Visit Batroun’s gorgeous museum, Musee Henry

Musee Henry is a gorgeous three-story traditional home-turned-museum that will take your breath away. And if you’re into cultural trips, check out 9 Historical And Cultural Spots To Visit Around Lebanon

3. Get a little adventurous and take them Glamping

If all-out camping is not for you, a few glamorous nights in nature are a recipe for a perfect love story.

4. Visit Vine, the wonderful wine bar in Smar Jbeil

Some dates are just not as fun without alcohol, so why not stop by this stunning wine bar? Sip on perfect red wine from the region and enjoy their selection of delicious food items that will transform your simple date to an unforgettable one!

5. Visit Domaine de Taanayel’s magical lake and monastery

This date is for our nature-loving couples! Rent a bike or simply walk in nature. If you go early, you can have a delicious traditional Lebanese breakfast at the farm with their products. Early bird catches the worm!

6. Can’t resist a seaside view? Head to La Funivia in Jounieh

For all of you hopeless romantics out there, this hidden gem in Jounieh is exactly what you need. A cool late-night date with some salty ocean spray? Sign us up!

7. Make friends with water buffalos in Ammiq Wetlands

Shake up your routine and get a dose of some much-needed nature therapy in this stunning area. Not only will you enjoy the natural sites, but you’ll make some adorable friends!

8. Visit this magical farmhouse for an unforgettable experience.

Connect with mother nature, prepare your own healthy meal, and learn all about how they farm their organic produce.

9. Embrace the cool autumn weather with a hike in Wadi Qannoubine.

During your walk, you’ll come across many natural caves as well as chapels and monasteries carved right into the rock. You should begin your trail at the top of Haouqa village and make your way down the valley, all the way to St. Marina convent. How romantic!

10. Enjoy a drink or two at Anu , Chekka

Whether you’re in the mood to lunch by the sea or party all night long, you’ll be cherishing some beautiful memories with your boo at this place!