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Mia Arawi 21 Sep 2021

Horrifying: 11 Dogs Found Killed And Buried At LU Hadath

Animals Lebanon just shared horrific news about several dogs that were found murdered and buried at the Lebanese University in Hadath.

According to the NGO, a caretaker who looked after the 12 dogs that lived on campus could no longer locate them. They were later found buried after being shot or poisoned.

WARNING: Graphic content.

Aggression and abuse towards animals in Lebanon is not new, but we can only hope that whoever committed these gruesome acts to be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Poisoning and shooting innocent animals violates the Animal Protection and Welfare Law 47, and Animals Lebanon is pursuing the case accordingly.

If anyone knows any information regarding the matter, kindly contact Animals Lebanon on contact@animalslebanon.org.