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Beirut.com 29 Sep 2021

15 Extremely Lebanese Experiences You’ve Probably Had

Here’s a checklist for you if you want to know how Lebanese you really are.

1. Used cursed words to show someone how much you truly love them

“Kissekhtak shoo bhebak”

2. Rushed to use the elevator before the clock struck 6 PM

We probably haven’t ridden in an elevator since last January.

3. Found out you were somehow related to the person you wanted to hit on

Weird but true.

4. Were threatened with Abou Kees as a child

“Eza bet3azzeb Abou Kees ha yeje bel lel enta w neyem”

5. Ordered extra toum with your shawarma

If you don’t lather your shawarma in toum, are you even Lebanese?

6. Tried 3arnoos dora while walking 3al Corniche

Vendors 3al Corniche hit different.

7. Satisfied your late-night cravings with a sandwich or two from Barbar

Barbar really hit the spot.

8. Got criticized by your family for wearing ripped jeans

“Ma 3endak masare tjeeb wahad jdeed?”

9. Tara2et so7be ma3 someone while satisfying your late-night cravings

And they’re still saved in your phone as “Karim Shawarma”.

8. Got stuck in traffic after the first rain

What is it with Lebanese people and not knowing how to act when it rains?

10. Heard the life story of a taxi driver on your way home

3ammo I’m really just trying to get home.

11. Went bar hopping at least ONCE in Mar Mikhael

The good old days.

12. Walked around your house with the lights off and NOT bump into anything

We’re just so used to not having any power.

14. Overused the word “eno” without even knowing what the hell it really means


15. Expressed your hatred for the country

We love to hate it. Still home, though!