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Marianne Hassoun 10 Nov 2021

4 Initiatives That Have Redefined Public Transport In Lebanon

The severity of the fuel crisis has left everyone on the lookout for more efficient and affordable alternatives to cover their transportation needs.

As fuel prices continue to increase on an almost weekly basis, transportation has now become a luxury. That’s why we’re happy to share several initiatives have come forward with possible solutions to better the community! Check them out and show them some support.

1. Hadeer Bus

Hadeer Bus operates between Beirut and Batroun, but has recently expanded to several other locations, including universities centered in Hamra and Achrafieh! This initiative is dedicated to providing an efficient and very comfortable alternative, since buses are safe, convenient, pocket-friendly, and WiFi-equipped.

How it works:

– Download the app and sign up

– Based on your location, the application will assign you to the closest bus stop and will also assign you the closest drop-off station to your destination

2. ByBus Transportation

ByBus was launched in the Jbeil district this October, offering 8 daily rides: 6 lines from villages to main bus stops in Jbeil, one line dedicated to moving within the city, and a last one from Jbeil to Beirut!

How it works:

– Payment is not in cash but rather via prepaid cards. These cards can be purchased at the Jbeil bus station or from the villages’ shops.

-Transportation fees are calculated according to the distance traveled by the passenger: the trip starts at 7000 LBP which includes the first 5 kilometers, with 7000 LBP added for each additional kilometer.

3. Bala Benzine

A carpooling app that you can sign up on for if you’re in need of a ride, or if you feel like giving one! With several projects on deck, this application is definitely going to make transportation way easier and much more efficient.

This application is coming soon, but for more info, you can visit their Instagram.

1. Loop Scooter

Save your time and money by renting one of these electrical scooters for a day, week, or even a month! And the best part? They’re super easy to use!

How it works:

– Download the Loop Global app available on both iOS and Android and add your credit/debit card information (LBP is accepted)

– Right after signing up, you’ll have a free orientation session which will teach you the basics about using their scooters

– Once you book, you’ll receive a PIN code which you’ll need to access the scooter, meaning the whole process is keyless!