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Tanya Maalouf 12 Nov 2021

12 Conversations You Have With Taxi Drivers In Lebanon

There’s one thing we have a love-hate relationship with and that’s taking a cab ride in Lebanon. This mini-adventure of a ride includes a lot of interesting conversations that we lowkey miss having with 3ammo l service.

1. The one with all the cursing

Still not sure what he was cursing about but big mood.

2. “Walla ya 3ammo hal sha3b kello lal kab”


3. The one where they travel the whole world but decided to come back to Lebanon

It all went downhill from there.

4. The one where he offers you a cigarette but then praises you if you don’t smoke.

“Bravo ya 3ammo habbaytak”

5. The one with the never-ending personal questions

“Leik shu bteshteghel”

“Ade 3omrak?”

“Men wein enta?”

6. The one about Lebanon’s terrible infrastructure

Then he recalls memories men ayem l tofoole 3an keef ken w keef sar l balad.

7. Of course, their ranting about our Lebanese politicians

“Lek ma 7ada fehem shi bhal balad”

8. Their stories about their three beautiful kids and loving wife

Always so wholesome though.

9. The one with no conversation at all.

Which can be worrying…

10. And when they decide that they can solve the economic crisis in a 10-minute conversation

“Ya 3ammo hal balad 3endo hal wahad w byerja3 l dollar lira w nos”

11. The one about their kid that’s studying in Canada


12. The Fayrouz singalong

Not a conversation but you will be lectured about the legend that is Fayrouz.