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Bassel Obeid 25 Nov 2021

16 Times You Wanted To Raise Your Middle Finger While Driving

Driving in Lebanon is an absolute NIGHTMARE, and we’re sure you can remember many times when you lost your shit while sitting behind the wheel.

1. Bas shortit el baladiye twa2if tari2ak

Eno kes ekht hazze.

2. When driving on a super narrow road and the car behind you start beeping


3. Aaaand when they start honking the SECOND the traffic light turns green

4. When the pothole was so deep it almost blew your tire

And you already know your dad’s gonna lecture you once he sees it.

5. Bas li warak ydawe el daw el 3ale

For no fucking reason.

6. Bas tshoof sourit Gebran Bassil bil Batroun

7. Bas hada yemshe below 50 3al shmel

The right lane: “Baby I’m not even here. I’m a hallucination.”

8. W bas hada yhot ishara eno rayeh 3al yamin bas b dalo rayeh 3al shmel

9. When you almost get into an accident with someone and you notice they were on their phone

You turn into your teta and start shitting on this generation for texting and driving.

10. Bas te3la2 bi 3aj2it Jounieh

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11. W 3aj2it el Hamra

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12. When you’re at an intersection and the cars literally don’t stop

Fucking rude.

13. When a motorcycle pops OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE

14. Bas hada yeje 3AKS EL SEIR

And when THEY honk at YOU like you did something wrong???

15. When some rando starts to smile at you when you’re stuck in traffic

16. Aw bas hada you2af aal ishara el khadra

No comment.