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Bassel Obeid 04 Jan 2022

10 Warm Spots To Spend A Day With Your Furry Friend

Every animal lover enjoys some quality time with their four-legged pal. Now that the weather’s colder, we’ve compiled a few spots around Beirut that will keep your best friend’s paws warm!

1. Tenno

What makes this place unique is the welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, and flavourful drinks. Having an extra seat for your fluffy friend makes it all the more enjoyable!

2. The Slow

If you’re in the mood for a light meal and comfortable seating, we’re sure you and your pal are going to love this place!

3. Neighbors

Your home away from home, they’ve got drool-worthy bar bites we’re sure your pet will try to steal.

4. Cantina Sociale

Who needs friends when you have your dog enjoying a delicious brunch with you?

5. Orenda

Orenda is serving you the right selection of food to keep you warm this season, and they welcome friends of all shapes and sizes, so your pet will feel right at home.

6. Kalei Coffee Co.

Cozy seating, good coffee, and delicious bites! Have a brunch date with your pet.

7. Tota

We can’t get enough of this cozy café, and we’re sure your little four-legged pal is going to love lounging there too!

8. The High Llama

The High Llama has the perfect ambiance for you and your pet to have a chill morning out.

9. Barzakh Bookshop

A pet-friendly spot where you can read your heart out and enjoy a hot cup of coffee!

10. Luna’s Kitchen

The coziest spot with the most delicious vegan food! It’s open 24/7, so you and your four-legged pal can stop by any time.

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