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Mia Arawi 19 Jan 2022

16 Of The Most Mouthwatering Sandwiches In Beirut

Sometimes, all you need is a hug between two pieces of bread. Here are sixteen must-try sandwiches in Beirut.

1. Shawarma Sandwiches from Joseph Restaurant

2. The Cheesy Steak from Husk

3. Kafta Sandwich from Hajj Nasr

4. Chicken Sandwich from

5. Southern Fried Chicken from Butcher’s BBQ Joint

6. Sujok Shawarma from Mano

7. Fajita from El Estez Snack

8. Chicken Escalope Wrap from Kaly and Dōw

9. Tawouk Sandwich from Tabliyit Massaad

10. Falafel Sandwich from Falafel Sahyoun

11. Burger Toastie from The Sage Parlour

12. Chicken Club from Peck

13. Chocolate Croissant Knefe from L’abeille D’or

14. Lahme Baajine Saj from Em Ali

15. Fried Chicken BBQ Sandwich from Frunch

16. Zaatar Man’ouche with veggies from Special