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Lynn Fakhry 27 Jan 2022

“The Wrinkles Of Beirut” Exhibit: See The City Through Hussam’s Lens

Since 2020, the non-profit initiative Tri-Pulley has been remarkably helping vulnerable unemployed citizens in Tripoli and Beirut by equipping them with professional skills that will allow them to become self-reliant, and giving them monthly cash contributions in exchange for their support of other individuals or families in need.

Due to the fact that the arts and culture sectors have (much like all sectors) been suffering from a degree of governmental neglect that has only been exacerbated by the current economic crisis, Tri-pulley’s team decided to recruit skillful musicians and artists in the hopes of reviving the local cultural scene.

Hussam is one of those participants, a talented photographer who was given the chance and freedom to create an artistic project about Beirut. He will be crowning his temporary partnership with Tri-pulley though a photography exhibit displaying portraits of the people of Beirut while reflecting upon the photographer’s mixed feelings about the city in collapse.

With the support of Agora collective creative space, “The Wrinkles of Beirut” exhibition will take place this Thursday and Friday at Mansion in Zkak el Blat, from 5 till 8 PM.

Visit the exhibition and discover the characters meticulously chosen by Hussam alongside some of their stories!

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