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Lynn Fakhry 03 Feb 2022

Detectives, You Have Some New Cases To Solve From Home

Take your eyes off that crime TV show, put on your trench coat, and gear up: it’s time for you to step in the world of mysteries and investigate some thrilling cases!

CrimeBoard is your go-to game conceived from scratch by a Lebanese creator and delivered to you all over Lebanon.

Three cases are available for you to analyze from a detective’s perspective, each packed with instructions, witness testimonies, police reports, and lab results: The case of Tyler Martinez, an NYU student who goes missing, the case of Ethan Jacobs, a Hollywood writer who commits suicide, and the case of Elizabeth Hoffman, a manager who gets murdered in her house after being accused of stealing from her investors. Click here to learn more about those victims.

CrimeBoard Bingo, Murder Mystery game, bookmarks, and gift discount vouchers can be added to your order for very affordable prices to double the rush of a murder-solving night with friends and family.

Stay on the look-out because case files are on sale until the 14th of February. Pre-order yours now and let’s see if you would be able to outsmart a criminal successfully!

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