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William Daou 07 Feb 2022

10 Of The Best Spots For A First Date In Beirut

Here are our recommendations for the perfect date spots around Beirut, that just might up the chances of your first date turning into a second one.

1. Union Marks

Burj Hammoud’s Union Marks is a bar, eatery, and exhibition center. Boasting a beautiful and spacious garden, you can enjoy bar nibbles like parmesan blocks and equally fetching drinks while you discuss the quirky bathroom decor (you’ll get what we mean when you visit).

2. L’osteria

Grab a drink and share a cheese platter at this beautiful trattoria while you talk about your jobs and try to figure out why there is a mural of a large black cat on the wall. The inside of the quaint spot is all about the stone walls and arches, it oozes romance and Italian allure.

3. L’Appartement

A cozy setting for falling in love, L’Appartement’s bistro and garden spaces are just right for a first date. Spacious and low-key, this spot will kick off what we hope will be a long partnership.

4. Dragonfly

Dragonfly’s exceptional drinks and chill atmosphere makes it ideal for a first date night out sans the headache. Dimly lit, it’s a great place to make a connection over a pitcher of sake martinis and a game of 20-questions. You’ll be singing along to The Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, and other great classics.

5. Casablanca

For fancier and longer dates, opt for a fantastic dinner or lunch at Casablanca. Long heralded as Beirut’s best brunch with impeccably-executed fusion dishes, Casablanca is a food lovers’ utopia. Situated in a traditional villa overlooking the Mediterranean, the lively and kitsch setting will set you up for a memorable day or night. Brunch guests will adore the eggs benedict, while diners can indulge on delicious octopus and sip the signature sake martinis. End on one of the city’s finest baked cheesecakes.

6. The High Llama

An all-day cafe that is open until 10 PM. Split a sweet bake alongside your coffee or indulge in one of the best bolognese pastas the city has to offer while you share a bottle of wine. Second dates guaranteed.

7. Central Station

From cocktails flavored with falafel spices to the most flavorful gin and tonic varieties you’ll ever taste, Central Station has become a worldwide sensation for their mind-blowing and creative cocktails that are immaculately presented. It’s a great spot for a first date, too! The music is good, the food is fantastic, and the drinks will give you one or nine things to talk about.

8. Cyrano

Gemmayze’s Coin De L’ Apéro is known for having great drinks and some of the tastiest bar nibbles in town. Meet your date there during happy hour, enjoy their delightful sake spritz, and don’t forget to order the chips!

9. Joe Penas

What could be better than kicking off getting to know each other by sharing a pitcher of margaritas and a platter of nachos?

10. The Attic Bar

A wonderful spot in Badaro, The Attic Bar is rustic and sweet in equal measure. With dark lighting, antique furniture, and whispers of an old man roaming around somewhere, you’ll feel like you’ve just entered a history book when you walk into The Attic Bar.