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Lynn Fakhry 10 Feb 2022

We Scoured The Internet To Find Your Partner The Cutest Valentine’s Gifts

Only five days till Valentine’s but no need to panic – we saved you some time with ten gift ideas to surprise your partner with this 14th of February!

1. Lovopoly created by PlanOuter

A Monopoly but with additional challenging dares and questions that will make you and your partner spill some tea!

2. This cute product collab between Chocomum and The Craft Box

A unique necklace of your choice hidden inside a breakable chocolate heart instead of a jewelry box, perfect for when you are lost between getting your partner food or accessories.

3. A customized chocolate bar letter from Lov’nspire

Write some delicious words they can literally taste.

4. This “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart” notebook designed and hand-printed by When Sicou Prints

Buy multiple copies to emphasize that they can take your whole heart.

5. A “Falling for you” mini cake baked by Origami Blooms

A simple and sweet recipe to win their heart.

6. A mini-her crochet doll hand-knitted by one of these Lebanese craftspeople

Or make a mini version of yourself so they can cuddle with it when you’re not around.

7. A multi-goodies box from Lebanese clothing brand Highpurr

“Xoxo”, “Hug Me” and “You Rock” are the names of the three boxes each containing apparel pieces, cocktail bottles from Solution, a cake from Un Petit Gateau, and accessories by Perlaa.

8. A “Drunk in hob” T-shirt from Boshies

Or get a “hob” hoodie your size so you can steal it.

9. A Funko POP collectible form Chasing Pop!

Get a figurine of their favorite character and they’ll become your biggest fan!

10. A big customized chocolate box from Sugar Buzz

This signature box contains Belgian chocolates, champagne bottles filled with sour candy, and mini happy pill jars filled with messages from your heart!

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