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Bassel Obeid 02 Mar 2022

10 Lent-Friendly Meals You Can Enjoy In Beirut

During the holy season of lent, many of our favorite spots are offering delicious lent-friendly meals for you to enjoy!

1. Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown is offering a special lent offer which includes a delicious fish burger, a side of coleslaw, fries, and a drink of your choice!

2. Burger King

Have you tried BK’s H-Loumi Patty? Double the patty when you make your order for an extra kick of flavors.

3. Chich Aboul Mich

If you haven’t heard of Chich Aboul Mich’s innovative creation, then you’re missing out. The chefs over at Chich Aboul Mich decided to put Halloum on a shawarma stick!

4. Crepaway

Crepaway is offering four different wraps with four different flavors and experiences! The chicken is replaced with cauliflower, drizzled in their delicious sauces, and topped with the right veggies.

5. Kababji

Kebbe Kazzebe (or Kebbit Laktin) is one of Kababji’s lent-friendly additions to the menu. We recommend this yummy dish alongside one of their salads!

6. Wooden Bakery

Lahm Baajin lovers, worry not! Wooden Bakery just added a Falafel Baajin option so that you can survive lent season, fully satisfied!

7. Malak Al Taouk

Malak Al Taouk is famous for their Taouk dishes, but they came through with their fish burger combo!

8. Roadster

Roadster’s lent special menu is filled with a variety of options that will satisfy every craving, without having to deprive yourself from your favorite foods.

9. Sandwich w Nos

Sandwich w Noss never disappoints with their sandwiches, and so they dropped a bunch of lent options, from their Mozzarella Love Burger to their Roasted Veggie Pesto!

10. Pizza Hut

Pizza might be your next go-to lent dish! Pizza Hut is offering you two meatless medium pizzas, with some potato wedges, garlic bread, and drinks.