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Lynn Fakhry 10 Mar 2022

Ambarees Grazing Platters: Elegance In Food Form

A hungry man once said “people eat with their eyes”, and nothing backs this up more than a giant grazing or cheese board loaded with colorful bite-sized delicacies!

Knowing that this is what you need to please your party crowd, Mia created Lebanon’s first artisanal and luxurious grazing platters business, serving you food nibbles in a modern fashion but under the traditional name ‘Ambarees’ – a rare Lebanese diary product of Bekaa and Chouf fermented and stored inside big clay jars, hence known as ‘labnet el jarra’.

Ambarees’s trays come in various sizes and include a selection of specialty cheeses and premium cured meats, bread, crackers, condiments and jams, dried fruits, seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, and even sweet treats!

Catering to all tastes, the shop also customizes dessert boards made of crepes, fresh fruits, and different toppings, as well as breakfast/brunch boards with a selection of cheese and cold cuts, freshly baked pastries, eggs, dips, and desserts.

These grazing platters have it all, from sweet and savory flavors to vegan and gluten-free options, which means everyone can enjoy them guiltlessly!

The full menu is available on Instagram highlights. Choose the feast you like and let Ambarees pimp-up your gathering!

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