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William Daou 30 Mar 2022

7 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do In Beirut

Got some free time on your hands with no way to spend it? Here are a few things you can do to kill time.

1. Go for a coffee run at YOU

To keep yourself energized!

2. Have a drink at Community Badaro

They’re open daily from 5 PM until 1:00 AM!

3. Catch a live performance with Kunuz and The Simple Things at The Quadrangle

For more information, call +961 70 937 394!

4. Head over to El Estez Snack for a toumy shawarma

There’s always time for extra toum.

5. Check out the retail corner at The Sage Parlour to shop some local products!

Buy a spontaneous gift for your loved one or treat yourself to a little something! Maybe try their Baked Cinnamon Apple Pancakes on your way out too…

6. Sit back and enjoy the good vibes at Haven

A place where art and activism meet – the perfect spot for a break!

7. Stop by Aaliyas’ Books for a fun event

Something fun is always cooking at Aaliya’s! Catch a Jazz night, an open mic, and even some poetry readings if you love a little free verse.