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Tanya Maalouf 14 Apr 2022

Lebanese Cabinet Approves Destruction Of Port Silos

During today’s cabinet session, the Lebanese government approved the demolition of the blast-hit silos at Beirut’s port.

The Minister of Information revealed that the Council for Reconstruction and Development would oversee the demolition.

Engineering firm Khatib and Alami had previously submitted a report to the government stating that the silos could begin collapsing. A previous report revealed that they were tilting incrementally by the day. Repairing the silos is also unfeasible considering Lebanon’s horrific financial situation.

Destroyed by the August 4 explosion, Beirut’s grain silos have been effectively left to rot by a government that no longer has the ability to rebuild. Forgotten under the ruins, sun, and rain, the thousands of tonnes of grains became infested by mites and bugs shortly after the explosion.

The demolition, however, is deemed to be a controversial decision by many who feel as though erasing the physical evidence of this crime will only contribute to it being forgotten. The families of the 200+ victims have repeatedly called for justice, claiming that the silos are a symbol of what happened.

The 48 meter monoliths were built in 1970 by the Czech company průmstav, with the technological equipment being supplied by Swiss manufacturers bühler.