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William Daou 16 May 2022

The Governorate With The Highest Electoral Turnout

Voter turnout was relatively low in Lebanon yesterday as the country went through its first parliamentary elections since the 2019 financial crisis.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs estimated turnout to be around 41% across the country, seven points lower than 2018’s already shy 48%. Inability to afford transportation, as well as a general distrust in the system were cited as main reasons for many not participating in the elections.

The governorate that stood out with the highest number of voters was Jbeil-Kesserwan which saw 55.93% participation. Beirut 1’s percentages stood at a meager 28.50%, and North 3 (Tripoli-Donnieh) stood at 30%.

This year was, however, marked by a significant increase in expat voters with a total of 244,442 Lebanese abroad registering to cast their ballots, nearly double that of 2018. This, however, could also be attributed to the large number of people who have left the country over the past three years.