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Bassel Obeid 01 Jun 2022

30 Things You Should Do For Every Day Of June

June might just be the best month of the year. Here are some fun things you can do to make sure you make the most of this summer in Lebanon!

1. Upgrade your days by stopping by Cluster 001

2. Pass by The Lebanese Bakery for a savory breakfast

3. Find a new book at Curl

4. Have a competitive game night at Chronicles

5. Twirl some pasta on your fork at Cupola

6. Take a trip to Douma and stroll through the gorgeous old souk

7. Munch on your favorite foods at Food District

8. Spend a day with your friends at Joining Beach

9. Enjoy a night out at La Fuente De San Miguel

10. Try this delicious Kaaket Pepperoni Pizza from Kaek Station

11. Take a trip to Tabarja so you can have a delicious seafood lunch at Aal Shatt

12. Don’t miss the musical events at NOW Beirut

13. Go for brunch at Hole in the Wall

14. Plan a road trip to Tripoli just to try the famous Moughrabieh sandwich from Al Dabbousi

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15. Enjoy the sunset over a few drinks with your friends at The Broad

16. Uncover this gorgeous gem in Jehliyeh

17. Plan a camping trip at Be Bisri

18. Enjoy the view at GreenHouse Café & Bar

19. Set up a picnic at Biomass Restaurant

20. Gobble up some savory donuts from Hanson Doughnuts

21. Have a cook off with your friends at Kitchen Lab

22. Head over to Aaliya’s Rooftop for a Sunday barbecue

23. Take a yoga class with Namat

24. Invite your friends to Goodmen, Beirut’s newest fine dining spot

25. Cool off with delicious ice cream from Booza

26. Unwind at Bardez Garden

27. Then devour the finest Sujouk Shawarma at Mano

28. Satisfy your burger cravings at Token

29. Sip on Margaritas at Copas

30. Discover this gem in Naqoura and enjoy the view