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Sarah Tarhini 22 May 2023

Someone Has Brought The Eiffel Tower To Lebanon

The Eiffel Tower in Lebanon, what more could anyone ask for? Trocadéro, a newly opened spot in Jounieh, is billing itself as a “Paris by the Sea experience” open to all looking for a true Parisian experience in Lebanon. To emphasize this, it has erected a replica of the Eiffel Tower along Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast.

With the tower shining down on you as you enjoy some drinks and food at Trocadero, this truly might be one of the most unique spots in Lebanon for a night out.

This sport is another addition to the list of ways Lebanese people are reverse colonizing France, we just wish they served some shawarma croissants to really round it all together.

With this opening, you no longer need to leave Lebanon or go through the long hassle of a visa enjoy some steak et frites with a drink under the Eiffel Tower. As an added bonus, this spot even has a pool and sea to spice up the traditional Parisian experience.

With an exquisite view of the sunset, this spot is perfect for those looking for an Instagrammable spot in the area. Adapting your own version of Emily in Paris, you can easily trick your followers into thinking you’re in Paris with a simple 20 minute drive, and you can even take a chalet at the resort to really hammer the “trip” in.

Whether you’re looking for exquisite drinks, a taste of French cuisine, an incredible sunset view, or just a swim in a pool, Trocadero and its Eiffel Tower have you covered. To learn more about the spot, make sure to check out their Instagram. Bonne chance!