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Bachar Bzeih 22 Jun 2022

Company Removes Blast Victim Portraits To Put Up Ad

Over 20 portraits memorializing victims of the August 4 explosion on the walls of Downtown Beirut were taken down and replaced with advertisements for the company District S”.

The portraits were hand-drawn by artist Brady Black on the 9 month anniversary of the blast in a bid to pay tribute to the victims.

Enraged activists decried this move as an attempt to erase the crimes that were committed and quickly rushed to put up new pictures of the victims over the ad.

As the two-year anniversary of the blast nears, the Lebanese state has yet to take accountability for the hundreds of lives that perished due to governmental negligence. Judicial investigations into the event have been stuck in a recurring stop-start process and marred by consistent political interference.

Activist groups and families of the victims of the explosion have vowed to never forgive and to continue to fight until justice is served.