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Tanya Maalouf 27 Jun 2022

14 Plans For A Perfect Summer In Lebanon

If you’re looking for some fun trips and plans that you can make with your friends this summer in Lebanon, here are 14 ideas!

1. Head over to Little Reed, where homemade food and beautiful memories await

2. Take a breath of fresh air and spend the night at one of these cabins at Farmville

3. Book an unforgettable getaway in nature with Glamping

4. Take a dip in the crystalline waters of Lake Chouwen to cool off

5. Stroll through the beautiful streets of Tripoli and discover what makes it so special (including the delicious food)

6. Bask in the summer sun at Pierre and Friends

7. Uncover the magnificent Balou Balaa in Tannourine

8. Have an unforgettable meal at Sufra

9. Sip on delicious cocktails as you watch the sunset at Olen

10. Enjoy the sound of running water while you sit under the trees at River Zen

11. Treat your friends to a night out at La Fuente De San Miguel

12. Catch some waves (and tan lines) at Casa Cartel

13. Visit Cloud 59 in the beautiful city of Tyre

14. Marvel at the beauty of the colorful Al Fundok Boutique Hotel