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Melissa Sleiman 18 Jul 2022

40 Awesome Things To Do In Lebanon This Summer

Want to add some must-try experiences to your bucket list this summer? We came up with 40 suggestions!

1. Visit Siabar in Jbeil for unmatched views and cocktails at sunset.

2. Uncover all the gems at Lebanon’s National Library.

3. Eat, drink, tan, and groove the night away at Casa Cartel.

4. Have an unforgettable meal at Sufra in Bar Elias.

5. Enjoy a colorful staycation at Al Fundok in Maaser el Chouf.

6. Hike and swim at the splendid Chouwen Lake

7. Plan a full day in nature in South Lebanon

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8. Visit Saida’s Zireh island

9. Mark your calendars for a picnic at Rasmaska Gardens to escape urban life’s hustle.

10. Eat, drink, and be merry at Batroun’s La Maison Bleue.

11. Sip on delicious cocktails amongst the trees at Olen.

12. Spend an exquisite day at Anfeh

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13. Unwind and relax with Darma Ji yoga classes in Batroun

14. Think pink and eat the rainbow at Candyfornia Cafe

15. Visit one of these 10 majestic waterfalls in Lebanon

16. Get a taste of Beirut’s past at Museum Henry in Batroun

17. Enjoy a chill tea-party with friends at the Blue House Tea Garden in Gemmayze.

18. Satisfy your tastebuds as well as your love for art and philosophy at Sole Insight.

An outdoor café in Achrafieh, and a great place to try Lebanese dishes with a vegetarian twist, read a book, and enjoy some music, poetry, and art.

19. Try Kawaii’s Japanese cheesecake!

21. Enjoy a scenic (and delicious) buffet lunch at Beyt el Jabal in Chouf.

22. Feel like royalty by renting the magical Batroun villa La Maison du Maquis for a few nights.

23. Get lost in Lebanon’s biggest abandoned spooky hotel, Grand Hotel Kassouf.

24. Uncover the magical hidden gem of Rockfort in Hrajel: an ethical cafe, bar, and boutique.

25.  Get a haircut, or get tipsy at The Barbershop, a gem in Byblos serving haircuts, drinks, and rock music since 1988.

26. Explore the unmatched escape rooms at Codex Adventures.

27. Enjoy the happiest hours at The High Llama Bistro, a cafe troittoir with a menu that packs a punch

28. Eat your way through Dahieh with our list of the most delectable bites in the area.

29. Chow down on a Bacon Egg Burger from Jays Sports Diner in Aley

30. Enjoy a comedy night at The Duke of Wellington in Hamra.

They also serve a mean Beef Wellington!

31. Try the delicious burgers from Token in Deir El Qamar

32. Take breath of fresh air and spend the night at one of these cabins at Farmville, Barouk.

33. Hike and explore the glorious Baatara Gorge Waterfall

34. Sizzle under the sun at Tyre’s beaches

35. Get addicted to the heavenly ashta ice cream cone at Bouzet Salem in Koura.

36. Find yourself a whole new wardrobe (and more!) at Hamra Vintage.


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38. Indulge in some seafood and impeccable vibes at Feluka Seafood

39. Enjoy Dirty Hour at Dirty Laundry in Mar Mikhael

Discounted food and drinks to perfect a night full of fun and dancing.

40. Rave like there’s no tomorrow with Lebanese Ravers