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Elise Daoud 25 May 2023

6 Great Spots For Delicious Saj In Lebanon

Welcome to the ultimate saj lover’s guide to Lebanon! If you just so happen to be a fan of freshly baked saj topped with all the delectable savory and sweet options, then you’re in for a treat. Allow us to take you on a journey of all the fantastic saj spots in Lebanon.

1. Comsi Comsaj, Hamra

Comsi Comsaj is more than just clever word play, supporting students through finals season and satisfying late-night cravings. They serve up all our favorite sandwiches, from delicious kafta to spicy soujouk, all wrapped in perfectly crisped saj.

And of course, make sure to sweeten up your visit with one of their sweet wraps. Comsi Comsaj is open every day starting 8am until 3am on weekdays and 5am on weekends.

2. Saj Beirut, Gemmayze

Those looking for authentic Lebanese saj, look no further than this Gemmayze gem. The ideal breakfast spot, Saj Beirut is brightening up your mornings with yummy bites. You can enjoy your go-to zaatar 3al saj or stop by later during the day for a traditional pizza.

Are you enjoying your order at their cozy spot or the comfort of your own home? Regardless, Beirut Saj will leave its mark on every saj-loving foodie.

3. El Hanoun Saj, Bekfaya

A family-owned business that has been open for decades. Locals love this spot for their exceptional (and affordable) saj bites—simple, straightforward, and absolutely dishes. When you stop by, you’ll be met with the wonderful owners who will recommend only the best on their menu.

Have you ever tried knefeh 3al saj? It’s about time you do! After settling on your order, make sure you follow up with a sweet treat to make your visit worthwhile.

4. Al Kooz Cafe, Barouk

The owners of Al Kooz Café might be dubbed as the saj specialists in Barouk for their delicious breakfast. Situated near the cedar reserve with a magnificent view, enjoying a breakfast here is as traditional as it gets.

Enjoy a plate of scrambled eggs 3al fokhar and slices of expertly made zaatar and cheese saj. We’re sure that you’ll love their breakfast as much as you’ll love the impeccable view.

5. Jalset El Aayn, Beit Chabab

Saj lovers will fall in love with this experience in Beit Chabeb. Jalset El Aayn is not only known for wholesome vibes and backgammon. As the saj central of Beit Chabeb, you’ll be able to enjoy all the saj your heart desires at this spot.

They make everything with saj, from filling Lebanese burgers to mouthwatering shawarma. It’s safe to say that a Jalset El Aayn lunch is one of a kind.

6. Saj Stories, Gemmayze

This beloved spot made a name for itself with its adorable concept—bringing people together over delicious saj! Saj Stories is a place where you can enjoy saj creations while making new friends and bonding over yummy bites.

Their saj menu is quite adventurous, cooking up both traditional saj and specialty creations. Those with a love for Asian food will love their poulet laqué, and hummus lovers should try their hum yum.

What’s your favorite spot to enjoy delicious saj in Lebanon?

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